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car keys made by VIN

There’s only one thing worse than getting locked out of your vehicle and that’s losing each and every one of the keys you have to your car.

This happens more often than you’d think. A driver loses their car key and they grab their spare to use instead. Except the problem is that once you lose your spare you might not have another one to let you into your vehicle.

Fortunately for you, losing all your available keys doesn’t mean you’re completely locked out of your vehicle forever. MetroLock has the professional experience to provide VIN to key fob programming near me.

How Can A Key Be Made From My VIN?

The lock that’s made for your vehicle contains a special keycode created by the manufacturer. This keycode is saved with the vehicle identification number. The vehicle identification number, or VIN, is what’s designated for each cut in the key.

Only the owner of a vehicle can make car key from VIN number. So don’t worry, your vehicle is completely safe.

Why Choose MetroLock?

The professional locksmiths at MetroLock will get the VIN for your vehicle and enter the code into a special key cutter. From there, the cutter will cut a new car key to match the one you’ve lost.  So whether you need a Honda key made by VIN number or you’re looking for a Ford key replacement by VIN, we’ve got you covered.

If needed, we’ll program the security information to your vehicle that will let the key work on your car only.

MetroLock’s VIN-to-KEY program is designed with you in mind. Our service provides you with peace-of-mind so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle being towed to a dealership to get the security information you need to get into your own vehicle.

It can take several days for your dealership to get you the security information you need to start using your car again.

MetroLock knows how important your time is to you. To learn more about our VIN-to-KEY service, contact MetroLock today.